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Plastic processing, from recycling to eco-design.




Transformation of the plastic material in the Puxi truck-labo.

Bring clean bottle caps = Leave with 1 recycled item!

Extrudeuse plastique dans le camion Puxi


objets en plastique recyclés



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Thursday 7 June 18h30:

- Endocrine disruptors

- The 7th Continent



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School groups: 9h to 16h
Public : 15h to 18h

Thursday 7 and Friday 8 june 2018
At the UFR Science



Photo Maurice Rougemont


In december 2016, Émergence(s), the UPPA’s research magazine published an article
about FoodyPlast and cross-border projects.


Aquitaine, Aragon, Euskadi and the Languedoc-Roussillon Region produce many high quality foods such as Bayonne ham or Cantabrian Cream Cheese, often marketed in plastic packaging. However, this packaging is never neutral ; the nature and quantity of molecules allowed to migrate from the packaging to the food are regulated by standards difficult to control, and are not always respected. The fact is, some molecules modify the organoleptic qualities of foods, whilst  modifying them.


The FoodyPlast project, funded by POCTEFA is therefore based on a simple idea : to imagine packaging that respects at the same time consumers’ health, the quality of food, and the environment. “ We are giving ourselves to create, from a high quality polymer to which we will add natural antioxidants, a new, migration free, odourless and completely
recyclable plastic food wrapper “, sums up enthusiastically Ahmed Allal, a physicist at IPREM, coordinator of the project. More generally, FoodyPlast aims to create a network of specialists, on both sides of the Pyrénées, develop an innovative packaging prototype and evaluate a new technology to improve the recycling of food packaging. Some ten partners
are associated with UPPA, including the universities of Perpignan and Zaragoza, the Leartiker polymer R&D centre near Bilbao, the École des Mines in Alès and the Pyragena technology platform in Arzacq.


See article in the magazine (french)